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Keep windows and doors lockedSpeaking of windows, it's a good idea to keep them closed and locked when you're not at home and if you live in a high crime neighborhood, you may want to keep them locked when you're there as well. Also keep doors locked, even when you are home. In addition to regular knob locks, consider adding deadbolts for extra security against having a door kicked down. 4. Don't tempt burglars. Got a big plasma tv? A fancy car? Jewelry? That's fine, but don't tempt people into crimes of opportunity by allowing these items to be easily seen by anyone passing by your home. If you have valuable cars in your garage, consider curtains for the windows so people can't see in.- Alder Security

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There are a number of issues that could cause this type of problem, firstly just go around the house and make sure that all of the windows and doors that are associated with the Alder Security alarm system and shut, once this has been done try to arm the system again. If this has not rectified the problem then make sure you are entering in the correct code sequence, if your code sequence is incorrect then your alarm will not go into protective mode. Also very common problems with home security alarms that arise are the alarm system will not deactivate when you arrive home. The first thing to do is be sure not to panic, think carefully and then try entering you code again, it can be an easy mistake to make when entering a code in a hurry to accidentally type the wrong number sequence. Remember that the majority of alarms systems will have a time delay on them if an incorrect code has been entered wait for the defined period of time and then try again. Other common problems with home alarms can be caused by other members of the household, your pets or other equipment in the house interfering with the alarm. If there are a number of people who have access to your alarm then it is advised to consult with them first as to whether they have touched the alarm control panel before raising any form of fault. Make sure that every member of the house who leaves the house activates the alarm system, a common problem is that a member of the home will leave the house not activate the alarm and the opportunist break in could occur. Article Source:http://EzineArticles. com/expert/Steve Strong/159705WELCOME TO B SAFE SECURITYHome Security Systems – B Safe Security delivers comprehensive security solutions for our customers in Middletown, DE, Bear, DE, Dover, DE, Wilmington, DE, Cherry Hill, NJ, Mantua, NJ Mullica Hill, NJ, Cape May, NJ, West Chester, PA and the surrounding areas. Since 1978, we have been the premier providers of residential home security systems and commercial security solutions.

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MX Security is dedicated to protecting you and the ones you love. We deliver you cutting edge technology, peace of mind, and protect you with the most advanced security solutions for burglary, fire, and medical emergencies. Contact UsNorthStar is the Clear Choice for Home Security and Alarm Monitoring…In a world of increased mobility and social interconnection, home security is now more important than ever. Your MX Security, Alder Security authorized dealer offers the best equipment, installation, and professional service, unmatched by any other company in the industry. There's no longer a need to leave the safety of your family and property up to chance. NorthStar is recognized as a top rated company.