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4 Sound2. 5 Camera Placement2. 6 Movement2. 7 Wi Fi Capability2. 8 Capacity for Connectivity2. 9 Video Storage2. 10 Motion Detection and Smart Identification2. 11 Home Security Camera Cost3 Feature Options Of Home Security Cameras4 Home Security Camera Reviews5 Indoor Home Security Camera5. 1 Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera5. 2 Vimtag VT 361 Surveillance Security Camera5. 3 LG All in One Indoor Smart Security Camera, LHC5200WI5.

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The door has been fixed, but he just came back tonight and knocked on my door!I spoke calmly to him through the door and called the police. He was gone before they got here, but it’s making me so nervous that he keeps coming back. I’m not sure what I can do. I really like the advice about not flaunting possessions. Advice such as this is usually given for tourists or travelers, and for visitors of foreign cities. Not wearing your expensive jewelry when out and about is part of the advice they give to travelers, but it is also good advice for your daily routine, especially because it gives criminals a good reason to mark you and your home as good potential targets. Small towns with tourist attractions are in a unique position to make targets out of locals, since many people come from out of town and there can be a wealth disparity. Mentioning your vacations or outings online through chat rooms or social media platforms is part of this advice, really. In fact, not talking about your vacation plans online for anyone to read is now one of the basic pieces of advice given to homeowners to prevent burglary. Socially, not bragging or flaunting your jewelry too much when in public is also solid advice, both for preventing others from feeling bad and to prevent criminals from wanting to rob you of your good fortune and invade your home. Remembering that these are tough economic times for many people and being considerate can go a long way.

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This is funny to me because he has no problem walking into other people’s yards. In the past 4 years NOTHING has been stolen from my property, when I have had 4 episodes over the first 2 years in my house. Well worth the cost, which is cheap these days!My first system cost me $400, lasted 4 years less than $10/mo. I recently upgraded to better cameras with a wider angle of view, going from 4 to 8 cameras, a better DVR, and networking capabilities for remote view and motion capture notifications for $250. Pretty easy to intall yourself if your comfortable drilling a hole or two through your wall to run cables. The design of a security and surveillance system should provide for theprotection of the entire perimeter of a home as well as visual and audio basedsurveillance monitoring.